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New Jewelry - A ring for a very special person - the Lady J

This ring was formed out of a single piece of 14K yellow gold half round wire.  First hammering it to lengthen it, and flattening the end portions for  the setting.  Then the flat portions were fitted together and soldered.  Finally, the heart shaped prongs were cut out of the flat with a jewelers saw, the excess pieces removed and filed into shape.

I am in the process of opening this site for business.    At this time there is nothing for sale, when there are items for sale, initally ordering will by means of email until I get the online purchasing set up.  Please email first to reserve the item you wish to purchase.  I will accept the first email as the purchaser of the item.  Include the item number with your email, and let me know how you plan to pay.  If payment is made by check through regular postal mail, please verify receipt and clearing status.  Otherwise, I may be forced to cancel your order.  Should a problem arise I will do all I can to contact you as well.

To order anything on this site see the Contact Us page for email address.  I currently accept payment by PayPal, and prefer this method as this will insure timely shipment.  I will also accept money orders, cashiers checks and personal checks at this time.  However, check payments will have to clear before I ship.  And this policy may change at any time.

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